Hold On: En Vogue Singer Hits Hard Times

Original En Vogue member Maxine Jones has hit tough times, with a federal judge recently declaring her bank could start foreclosure proceedings for the singer’s failure to make mortgage payments.

The 53-year-old singer filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Dec. 18, 2014 in Virginia.  She cites $298,900 in debt and claims to have only $172,000 in assets.

Among her debts, first reported by, are Jones’ Palmyra, Virginia home at $212,000; a judgment against her won by a private school for $32,000; attorney fees of $17,000; California state taxes at $22,000; Virginia state taxes for $2,000; a phone bill of $800; a T-Mobile bill of $440; a Victoria’s Secret bill of $539 and other outstanding bills.

Maxine Jones

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The bank took Jones to court after she missed two payments on her mortgage last October and November. Last month, the federal court judge ruled the bank motion had been granted to terminate the home’s stay in the bankruptcy and decided they can begin the foreclosure proceedings on her residence.

Jones had been performing with En Vogue until 2012, when she left the group after a bad breakup. chronicles the tumultuous end to the original Funky Divas led to the legal drama, an online feud and rotating members.

In the spring of 2014, the Paterson, New Jersey-bred vocalist released a single and announced plans to go solo.

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