In Recovery: “SWV Reunited” Star Cory Taylor Rehabbing After Stroke

Entertainment executive Cory Taylor is recovering after having a stroke back in February.

The 42-year-old talent manager, a featured personality on WE TV’s “SWV Reunited” during his time managing the R&B trio SWV, told AlwaysAList.com that the health crisis was the result of unnecessary stress. Taylor had been planning the kickoff of season seven of his RnBSpotlight music showcase series at S.O.B.’s in New York City, while also gearing up for a trip to Atlanta to shoot a sizzle reel for potential reality show with Gospel music greats, The Anointed Pace Sisters.

“On February 17 I was laying down in my bed in the afternoon around 1pm and I felt numbness on my right side. It figured it would go away so I went about my day. That evening around 10pm, the numbness returned. I had the sense that something was wrong and got up from the bed and went to take a shower. While in the shower I fell,” Taylor recalled.RnBSpotlight

After falling in the shower, the Virginia Beach, VA native (who was 41 when he actually had the stroke) did something you should never do when you feel you’re having a medical emergency.

“I drove myself to the emergency room,” he confessed.

Initially, the doctors could not determine what was wrong with Taylor and started running multiple tests.

Cory Taylor at rehabilitation

Cory Taylor at rehabilitation

“After several CAT scans and several MRIS, they initially thought I had Lyme disease. Four days later after another MRI, they realized it was a stroke I had,” he explained.

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Initially, Taylor suffered some paralysis on his right side, but has been undergoing rehabilitation to restore all of his mobility.

“I have a long process ahead of me, but I’m staying positive and my faith in God has not wavered. I have some mobility back in my arm and with my fingers. I’m walking again and can walk without the walker. I’m very optimistic that I will return back to my old self shortly,” he emphasized, before adding: “I am definitely a miracle! I’m just happy to be alive!”

SWV & Cory Taylor

SWV & Cory Taylor

While undergoing his recovery, Taylor has returned to appearing on his syndicated weekend show “The Coko and Cory Show” that he hosts with SWV lead singer Cheryl “Coko” Clemons. The show originates out of Norfolk, VA and is syndicated through Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Network.

While he no longer manages SWV after seven years of working with Coko, Tamara “Taj” George and Leanne “LeLee” Lyons; Taylor is using his experience executive producing their WE TV series to produce some other shows. He and R&B singer Faith Evans have partnered on a production company to co-produce some reality shows together.

More importantly, the R&B enthusiast said one thing is sure moving forward. “I will be reducing the stress in my life. It’s time to change things up, as I am too young to be dealing with health issues like this,” he concluded.The Coko & Cory Show

On Friday, April 8 at 7pm at the Grove Baptist Church in Portsmouth, VA, some of Virginia’s local music artists are coming together for a benefit concert called Cory Taylor Appreciation Day.

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