Bill Cosby Sentenced: Jawn Murray Says It’s Not About Race, It’s About Rape

AlwaysAList.com’s Jawn Murray appeared on HLN’s “Across America with Carol Costello” to discuss “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby being sentenced after his sexual assault conviction in Pennsylvania.

Jawn Murray in the CNN Studios in Washington, DC to appear on HLN

Murray pushed back against African American supporters of the former “The Cosby Show” star who claim his prison sentence is about racism.

“What happened to Bill Cosby has nothing to do with race, it’s all about rape,” Murray told Costello during the segment.

Murray breaks down why Cosby is serving a three to ten year sentence and issues a warning to other sexual harassers and sexual assault predators as well.

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WATCH: Jawn Murray on HLN’s “Across America with Carol Costello.”

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