Practical Pushing: Testing The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SXE

It’s the epitome of practical pushing and I’ve dubbed this car the official Uber/Lyft car of South Beach in Miami. Why you ask? Toyota Corollas are as ubiquitous as palm trees and shirtless joggers in Miami Beach.

More so, just one trip to Miami and if you use ride-sharing services, I can guarantee that 75% of the rides you get in with UberX or standard Lyft will be in a Toyota Corolla. That was my experience.

But I got to spend some time in the newly redesigned 2019 Toyota Corolla with the hatchback body style and if you want a solid, small-size car that meets every basic need, this car is an ideal option for sure.

As consumers are moving away from sedans and small-sized cars, the Toyota Corolla continues to be a staple of success for the Toyota brand. This newly redesigned model has a well-appointed improved interior design and the materials used are upgraded.

Despite its size, the drive with firm and grips the road. The Corolla has a smooth, comfortable drive and is also very quiet. The drive of this car really is surprisingly impressive for its size.

And you’ll save so much money on gas. The Corolla boasts up to 32 city miles per gallon and a whopping 42 miles per gallon on the highway.

The car is gadget-friendly, of course offering USB ports and power outlets to keep you plugged in. And standard in the vehicle is Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa connectivity, though it doesn’t offer Android Auto.

Toyota also has advanced driver safety features, including forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control, as standard features in this vehicle.

Leg room isn’t exceptional and overall cargo space is adequate at best, but the truth is you’re not buying a car this small because you’re in the business of traveling with large loads.

Favorite Feature: Advanced driving aids

Least Favorite Feature: Smaller than average cargo space

Spin Control: Ranging in price from $20,140 – $24,240, the 2019 Toyota Corolla is priced perfectly for its offering.

Status: B LIST

VIDEO: So check out my inside look into the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SXE and determine whether it’s an automobile that meets your needs.


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