Carnival Of Cars: The Chicago Auto Show Is Automotive Entertainment

It was cold and snowy outdoors, but The Chicago Auto Show brought the heat inside of McCormick Place for their 119th showcase of automobiles.

Since the North American International Auto Show in Detroit has now moved to June, The Chicago Auto Show is now officially the first big auto show of the year.

Opening Day at The Chicago Auto Show

The nation’s largest auto show, the carnival of cars covers over one-million square feet in the expo hall and features over 1,000 cars and trucks. It’s such a big undertaking that it takes up two different halls in McCormick Place.

Jawn Murray at The Chicago Auto Show traveled to the Windy City to visit a preview for The Chicago Auto Show for the first time. The show officially opened on Saturday, February 8 and will run through President’s Day, February 17.

Over one million people are expected to visit the auto show this year, where tickets run $13 for adults and $8 for both children ages 7-12 and adults who are 62 years and older.

Every major automotive-maker imaginable is featured at The Chicago Auto Show and many of them have built out elaborate booths and vehicle pavilions.

A major trend at The Chicago Auto Show is an increased showcase of hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

There was a lots of buzz going into this show about Ford launching the new Ford Mustang Mach-E (it has a 300-mile range), the Porsche Taycon (its available for purchase later this year), and Audi E-Tron (a fully electric SUV).

Ford Mustang Mach-E

One of the highlights of The Chicago Auto Show was the all-new 2020 Nissan Sentra. The sedan is changing the game in the compact class. (What the video below for a more detailed look at it).

From trucks to sedans, custom cars to crossovers; The Chicago Auto Shows has something for everyone. Plus, in addition to a plethora of vehicles and some interactive vehicle engagement; stop by Andy’s Frozen Custard’s station for some delicious dessert and drop into the Toyota photo booth for and be sure to say: “Cheese!”

2020 Nissan Sentra

VIDEO: Check out Jawn Murray’s All-Access experience at The Chicago Auto Show.

Check out additional photos from The Chicago Auto Show!

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