Namesake: Verdict Rendered In En Vogue Lawsuit

En Vogue’s music career has as much drama going on these days as most of the reality shows on television.

Now only two of the original four members can legally call themselves En Vogue. The other two are not allowed to use the name for any professional billings.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, a judge granted En Vogue founding members Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis the exclusive right to use the girl group’s name while performing and touring. En Vogue’s former members Maxine Jones and Dawn Robinson are no longer permitted to use the name in any professional capacity.

Cindy Herron & Terry Ellis

Herron and Ellis filed a lawsuit against Jones and Robinson for the name as well as $1 million in damages back in 2012. Robinson technically had no rights to the name even at the time of the lawsuit, as she signed away rights to use the name En Vogue when she left the group in 1997.

Regardless, Robinson and Jones created a new short-lived group called Heirs to the Throne, though promoters were still billing them as En Vogue. Herron and Ellis filed suit claiming that the Heirs had no right to use En Vogue, as they owned the LLC. attended the one and only concert the duo, Heirs to the Throne/En Vogue performed together in Washington, DC during Inauguration Weekend in January.

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But now a judge recently sided with Herron and Ellis and awarded them ownership of the name. The two did not, however, receive any monetary award as the judge said they failed to prove damages.

Dawn Robinson & Maxine Jones

Jones is currently performing solo shows, following her recent fallout with Robinson.

Robinson, who also had a failed attempt in the R&B trio Lucy Pearl, is one of the cast members on the forthcoming TV One reality series, “R&B Divas: LA.” The judges ruling could potentially pose problems for Robinson on the show, as any disparaging comments made about the remaining En Vogue members would allow Herron and Ellis to sue for defamation.

Herron and Ellis continue to perform as En Vogue with a replacement member Rhona Bennett.  Bennett has performed with En Vogue off and on for years when both Jones and Robinson would come and go from the group.

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