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Soledad O’Brien: Hosting Revamped Political News Series

Just as America heads into the finale months of the 2016 Presidential Election, Hearst Television is re-launching its weekly political half-hour series, “Matter of Fact.” The show, which made its debut last year, will return for a second season with ...

Richelle Carey: Former HLN Anchor Joins Al Jazeera America

On June 18, AlwaysAList.com reported the popular HLN anchor Richelle Carey had left the CNN sister channel. On Thursday, Al Jazeera America announced that Carey was one the first four new anchors hired by the channel. Carey will join other ...

Soledad O’Brien: Lands Second Job Following CNN

It appears as though one gig wasn’t enough for former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien. AlwaysAList.com reported on June 12 that the former host of CNN’s “Starting Point” had inked an overall content development deal with HBO and also would join ...