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Laughing Matter: Columbus Short Has Jokes About Career

Troubled “Scandal” star Columbus Short is trying to venture into a new area of entertainment. He already announced his desires to focus on music and released his debut single, ‘Gave Ya,’ but now the 31-year-old actor is trying his hand ...

Laz Alonso: Celebrate But Don’t Bootleg Our Stories

“Jumping the Broom” star Laz Alonso is excited about the resurgence in Black film and television projects that have him and his peers working more in Hollywood. The 39-year-old actor, who is one of the honorees for the Verizon Wireless ...

Chris Brown: Singer Reveals Latest Neck Tattoo

Another day, another neck tattoo for Chris Brown. The controversial singer is making headlines yet again for his newest body art that he revealed on Twitter and Instagram. This time, Brown chose to adorn his body with the face of a ...