June 18, 2013

Driving Divas: New Online Automobile Destination For Women


If you’re a lady with an appreciation for automobiles, popular journalist and online mogul SékouWrites has launched a new portal just for you.

Sékou has officially launched, a multicultural women’s-interest website featuring “beautiful cars and the lifestyle that comes with owning them.” is the sister site to and both online destinations are part of Sékou’s newly created Dubbnet Networks.

“Ironically, my childhood career goal was to be a car designer,” said Sékou about his newfound path. “Later, when I was the Managing Editor of Uptown Magazine, I edited the car section to reach an audience of folks who are interested in cars but aren’t very interested in what’s under the hood. Once I started writing the car section myself, several women told me that they liked the way I covered automotive and I realized there was a niche for readers who care about the aesthetics and lifestyle associated with automobiles but don’t like to get bogged down by car jargon.”

Like its male-oriented sibling site, will provide automotive videos, celebrity interviews, and test drive reviews in layman’s terms, providing car lovers with exciting content without the technical automotive “industry speak.”


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