January 19, 2016

Deadly Sequel: Gossip Maven Flo Anthony Readying New Book

Flo Anthony Book

Celebrity journalist Flo Anthony is readying the sequel to her popular 2013 novel “Deadly Stuff Players” (Strebor Books).

Her follow-up tome, “One Last Deadly Play” will be released via Wahida Clark Publishing Inc. this spring.

In the sequel, the story still centers around Anthony’s alter-ego Valerie Rollins, America’s most popular Black Gossip Columnist, and her crime-solving partner, Rome Nyland, an NFL Hall of Famer turned Private Investigator. The two of them continue to be enthralled in the captivating shenanigans of the cast of characters Rolondo Jemison, Victor Dumas, Vance Dumas, Turquoise Hobson, Violet McClean, and Sincere in a cross country trek.

Flo Anthony holds up a copy of "Deadly Stuff Players" at a book signing

Flo Anthony holds up a copy of “Deadly Stuff Players” at a book signing

Valerie and Rome find themselves mixed up with supermodels, socialites, a treacherous minister, the Bugatti Blades and an Olympic Figure Skater as they navigate the streets of New York City and the glittering Hamptons. The crime-fighting duo make love connections, reconnect with old flames, dodge bullets and death; but most importantly, Valerie and Rome are once again trying to keep the bad guys from making “One Last Deadly Play.”

Flo Anthony book coverIn 2000, Anthony made her debut as an author with a juicy independently released novel, “Keeping Secrets Telling Lies.”

In addition to writing books, the New York-based Anthony remains a force in entertainment with her nationally syndicated radio segment, “Gossip To Go With Flo;” her syndicated column “Go with the Flo;” heads up Steven J. Hoffenberg’s; and regular appearances on cable news and news magazine shows.



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