December 17, 2013

Richard Pryor: Confessions Of Gay Sex

Richard Pryor

Comedy legend Richard Pryor lived a colorful life.

The late funnyman was married seven times – he married two of the same women twice – but confessed in his autobiography, “Pryor Convictions” that he once had a two-week love affair with a transgendered man.

In the tome, he disclosed: “I never kept him a secret. My best friend for instance, knew I was f—king a dude, and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that. I even admitted doing something different was exciting. But after two weeks of being gay, enough was enough and I went back to life as a h—y heterosexual.”

Prior, who fathered six children, also had romantic flings with actresses Pam Grier and Margot Kidder.

The iconic comedian had a several of health issues following multiple heart attacks and battling multiple sclerosis, but ultimately died from a heart attack in December 2005 at age 65.


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