June 18, 2014

Her Story: BET Executive Tonya L. Moore Shares Trials & Triumphs In Memoir

Tonya L. Moore

So many people are bound by their past and crippled by experiences that won’t allow them to move forward and live their best life.

For Tonya L. Moore, the Event Productions and Corporate Relations Manager at BET Networks, she decided to own her truth and use her life experiences to help, heal and encourage others who may have similar situations.  As a 40-something woman, she’s had three divorces, raised two children, overcome an affair and is now a widow.

In her first memoir, “I’m All F*d (Freed) Up: The Story of My Life,” Moore opens up about real life recount of love, abuse (first and third ex-husband), betrayal, revenge, and renewal that has now become her testimony.

In the tome, she writes: “I know when you saw the title of the book, you may have said, ‘Tonya has lost her mind?’ Trust me, I haven’t lost it. I’ve actually gained it! ‘I’m All F*d Up’ doesn’t mean what you think. It actually means, I’m all freed up!  For years I was afraid to expose my failures, frustrations and fears.  That’s how the devil kept me in bondage.  I finally realized that if I exposed myself, he could no longer blackmail me into thinking that I wasn’t good enough.”

This compelling tome completely engages you by the first page, as this savvy businesswoman and event management expert starts to share her truth.  The New York resident takes readers on a first-person journey through her life, which by the last page offers an honest revelation about how Moore is truly all freed up. spoke to Moore about why she decided to share her story now.

“I decided to tell my story because when people don’t deal with unresolved relationship issues from their past, it tends to spill over in their current relationships. It’s time to break generational curses.  In addition, people feel like you have to come from a broken home to have issues.  My story is different. I came from a Christian home with both parents, I played the game by the rules, but I still had issues. So many people are committing suicide because they feel like they have no one to talk to or feel like no one is going through what they been through.  The bible states that we overcome by the words of our testimony.  Jesus loved us so much that he gave his life so that we can be free.  I want to be like Jesus…I lay my life down so someone else can be free,” she told us.

“I lay my life down so someone else can be free,” said Moore.

Moore’s optimistic and resilience for reclaiming your life despite adversity and overcoming failed relationships and the impact they can have on your children is inspiring to say the least.

To find out how faith led Moore to her freedom, get “I’m All F*d (Freed) Up: The Story of My Life,” available now via Kindle Book and paperback at

  1. lilkunta

    This is a professional woman, a company exec that deals with the abuse. Wow. Glad she persevered.

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