August 28, 2012

Black & Republican: 9 Celebrities Down With The GOP

Black Republicans

After being postponed a day due to Tropical Storm Isaac, the Republican National Convention is officially in full swing in Tampa, Florida.

A who’s who roster of Republican leaders and politicians will be giving speeches at the convention this week.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, House Speaker John Boehner, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and Mitt Romney’s wife Ann Romney are among those speaking on Tuesday alone.

You may not see them at the RNC, but there are some Hollywood heavyweights that are registered Republicans and known conservatives according to the Federal Election Commission or by their own admission.

Take a look at some prominent African-American celebrities who are down with the GOP:


Rapper and actor LL Cool J

Comedienne and talk show host Sheryl Underwood

Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin

Actor and professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Actor James Earl Jones

Retired NBA star Karl Malone

“Divorce Court’s” Judge Lynn Toler

Boxing promoter Don King

Actor and comic Jimmie “J.J.” Walker (photographed with his conservative girlfriend Ann Coulter)

  1. Thanks so much for the info !! This is great to know !

  2. WOW!! finally some diversity!! 95 percent of blacks vote democrat! 55 percent of black women are single? why is this ?we put are eggs in one basket and that leaves many of us being taken for granted!!

  3. Everyone has their own individual right to choose whether they want to be Democrat or Republican.

  4. BlueCornMoon

    It’s good that there are some so the GOP doesn’t ignore us or the DEMs take us for granted. Reagan & the first Bush weren’t bad but “Dubya” put us in a terrible recession as well as 2 wars, & it’ll be hard for ANYONE to get us out of all that,but at this time,looking at the EXTREME IGNORANT views of today’s GOP & the fact that GOP moderates, who favor compromises & bipartisan work for the good of the country can’t get a word in edgewise, I can’t see how any minority can vote for them. About 90% of my white friends, & ALL the blacks & Latinos at my job can’t stand today’s GOP & the local Obama campaign office is LOADED with them. But I guess being a rich celeb puts you in a different category

  5. Believe it or not there are a lot of black Republicans. Anxious to see how this year’s elections turn out. All I can say is if your candidate doesn’t win it’s your own fault. GET OUT AND VOTE!

  6. Leonard Lee

    We must have people in all camps to futher our agenda. Republicans or democrats it really doe not make a diffence,. they both use us when they can to futher there own agenda ,. We need black folk in both camps …… now get out and Vote !!!!!!


  7. James

    Although Sheryl is a Republican, she is a strong Obama supporter!

  8. monica m.

    please tell me that ann is not dating J.J. (HILAR). he was just spotted at a nashville airport by a friend of mine. haaaa.

  9. princesspr

    None of these people surprise me as being Republicans..NONE!

  10. Sandra Clayton

    Who gives a damn? Really, who cares. These black folks are apart of the wealthy population in this country and cannot relate to working folks like myself.

    • miranda

      that was so DAMN mean about what you said about black people….african americans suppose to stick up for each other whether they was takin a picture or not…. .did president obama get on that stage to lose his breath?… i think not

  11. miranda

    them men lookin sharp but that women teeth look like sum wrong wit her

  12. Lev

    A respectable black person usually is a republican. You dont see gangster rappers or raunchy comedians on this list because they are POS’s.

  13. Rhonda

    Hmmm. None of them appeared with Mitt Romney. That’s how proud they are to be a Republican.

    • Joey Mac

      None Appeared with Mitt, true…However, LL Cool J appeared at several Rally’s for “W” and the Rock donated to the campaign of John Mc Cain. LL also was at W Bush’s Inauguration! Look up, you’ll find it.

  14. Amber

    Most republican black act like they are “holy than thou”, self rightous, judgemental, and know it all and they things they judge others about, those black republicans do it themselves. That is what turns people off about them. I do not care if a person is republican or Demo just as long as they do what it right when it comes to issues. Colin Powell is the kind of Republican many blacks love to support.

  15. Laurence Adams

    everytime I see Jimmie Walker’s face, I think of that line from “The Color Purple, “you sho’ is UGLY!…HAHAHAAAAA!”…figures, Ann Coulter, would go find her a black arm piece, after all the criticism she gets for doggin black folks. No surprise there, really. And now that I know Donnie McClurkin is Republican, he does not exist to me I already had a “pay no mind” attitude with him, from the jump. But now that I know he “sold out”, and is closeted at the same time, he may as well jump off a bridge as far as Im concerned.

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