April 9, 2014

D’Morea Johnson: Gospel Newcomer Offers Trilogy Of Singles

Dmorea 1

What do you do when you love the songs on your record so much that you can’t decide on one single? Well, you release three of them!

That’s what gospel newcomer D’Morea Johnson has done. On Tuesday, April 8, Johnson unveiled three tracks that are available for download at the various digital retail outlets.

The Bronx, New York-native has dropped three songs, including ‘Joy To Have Your Love,’ ‘It’s In There’ and ‘Safe With You’ via Realmology Music Group. The ambitious move offers listeners three songs in three tempos—up-tempo, mid-tempo, and a ballad.

“I’ve been working on this record diligently, and have poured a great deal of passion in support of the heartfelt messages through this album and I’m confident, there’s plenty to draw from,” said Johnson, about his music.

The artist’s debut full length CD is slated to be released later this summer.


To experience Johnson’s music now, start with ‘Joy To Have Your Love‘ now.



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