June 28, 2013

Stevie Wonder: Readying His Gospel Debut

Stevie Wonder 1

R&B superstar Stevie Wonder is preparing his first gospel CD, “Gospel Inspired By Lula.”

The 63-year-old Grammy winner does not have a release date for his long-awaited gospel offering, but told Rolling Stone that his gospel debut is “coming out relatively soon.”

“I never put a time on things, because the most important thing is that it’s good. Hopefully we get it the way it feels good to me,” he explained.

The veteran Motown artist, who is also recording a mainstream record with acclaimed songwriter David Foster, shared that he’s releasing his gospel CD to fulfill a promise to his mother.

“I promised her I would do it. She always wanted me to do it before she passed away, the untimely passing away. We’ve been working on some songs and some ideas. So we’re going to complete that as well,” said Wonder.

Having released more than 26 albums throughout the years, Wonder said his gospel debut is very personal to him because of his commitment to his mother.

“We’re going to do some traditional gospel stuff, but I’m thinking about doing a gospel song in Arabic. I’m going to twist it all up in different ways, because I think everyone needs to hear the word of the gospel. The word of gospel really is love and it really is about people following the word, whether they read the Quran, the Torah or the Bible, whatever they read. At the end of the day, whatever you read, you know the god you believe in talking about people loving one another. It’s talking about we don’t need millions of handguns to make an understanding clear. It’s not about the religion – it’s about the relationship that you have with the one you serve and you worship,” he shared.

Stevie Wonder


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