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July 8, 2013

Flo Rida: He’s Not The Baby’s Daddy

Flo Rida 1

On June 24, AlwaysAList.com reported that rapper Flo Rida had fathered a two-year-old child by a woman named Gloria Holloway because the Florida Department of Revenue had filed legal documents requesting the hip-hop star’s financial records in an effort to determine his child support payments.

Typically, a state requesting financial records is indication that they have received proof of paternity in a matter like this.

But apparently, the Florida Department of Revenue may have rushed to judgment as Flo Rida (real name: Tramar Dillard) underwent a paternity test to prove his is not the father of the Holloway’s son. According to the DNA test, the hip-hop star has been cleared in the paternity debate.

Flo Rida’s attorneys are filing the results with the Florida Department of Revenue to stop Holloway from obtaining a child support order against the music star.

Flo Rida

“Flo Rida is absolutely not the father of the child and does not expect to hear anything else on the subject,” the rapper’s attorney told TMZ.

Holloway has not commented on the latest development.


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