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September 24, 2012

Kanye West: Two Sex Tapes Being Shopped

Kanye West 2

“Jesus Walks” rapper Kanye West is the star of two private sex tapes currently being shopped to pornography and media companies.

The 35-year-old hip-hop star, who is currently dating sex tape star/socialite Kim Kardashian, apparently shot the videos of himself with an unidentified woman who reportedly has a likeness to Kardashian—though definitely not her.

Both videos of the Chicago-bred entertainer’s sex romp were shot in a hotel room and were apparently taped within the last several years.

According to TMZ, who has reportedly viewed the tape, West has sex for nearly 20 minutes on one clip and engages in intercourse for 40 minutes on the second video.

Kanye West

The videos are currently being shopped to media outlets and porno companies by a third party.

West allegedly claims the videos were lifted from his computer and is allegedly threatening legal action against the culprit.

In Oct. 2010, photos of West’s penis surfaced online after he supposedly sent the photos to female acquaintance. The rapper made light of the incident during a radio appearance shortly thereafter.


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