November 28, 2012

Tyler Perry: Sued Over Movie “Good Deeds”

Tyler Perry 1

Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry is being sued over his 2012 movie, “Good Deeds.”

A U.S. author filed suit against the filmmaker in a Philadelphia Federal Court on Tuesday accusing him of taking the plot of his movie from her 2007 book, “Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit.”

The author, Terri Donald, writes under the pseudonym TLO Red’ness and claims to have sent a copy of her tome to the 43-year-old actor/writer/director/producer’s company before production on the film started.

Donald is suing for $225,000 in initial damages and is asking the court to issue an injunction requiring the company to add a credit for her book in the opening and closing credits.

Tyler Perry

Her lawsuit also requests an audit from Lionsgate of the revenue for “Good Deeds.”

The movie, which starred Perry, Thandie Newton, Gabrielle Union and Brian White, was about a wealthy business owner who meets a struggling single mother that works as the custodian for the company.

The film earned approximately $35 million at the box office after its February release.

Lions Gate Entertainment is also named in the suit.

Neither Perry nor the film company has commented on the lawsuit.


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