May 21, 2014

Black Magic: Tyson Beckford & Michael Jai White To Star In Male Stripper Movie

Tyson Beckford & Michael Jai White

Filmmaker Jean-Claude LaMarre is gearing up for his new film, “Chocolate City” – a “Magic Mike” type of film that features African-American

Both Michael Jai White and supermodel Tyson Beckford are slated to star in the feature, set in male strip club.

The story centers on Devin, a college student struggling to make ends meet who meets the owner of a strip club (White) who convinces him
to give amateur night at the strip club a whirl.

Beckford will play Adrian, the club’s former star attraction who finds his popularity fading as the new kid starts to steal the spotlight.

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Jean-Claude LaMarre

LaMarre wrote and will direct the feature for his Nulite company, alongside Gabriel Casseus, Robert Aaronson and Rozina Negusei of Zanar Entertainment.

“This movie was in gestation for 2 1/2 years, but after Magic Mike it seemed a natural fit for the African-American female audience,” LaMarre told Deadline about the film. “I researched the male exotic club scene and it’s massive across the country, with clubs specifically targeting middle-aged African-American women.”

Right now, the filmmaker has partnered with eOne Entertainment’s non-theatrical division for the film, but hopes that it can evolve and see a wife theatrical release as well.

Production starts on the movie in Los Angeles in June.



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