August 17, 2012

Funky Divas: Things Get Nasty With En Vogue Split

En Vogue

Looks like the drama just won’t end for En Vogue. originally reported on July 28, 2012 that the 90’s R&B quartet had broken up yet again.  Original members Maxine Jones and Dawn Robinson announced they were looking for two new singers to work with them, while the other founding members Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron have already begun performing with regular fill-in member Rhona Bennett.

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Now Jones has gone on a Twitter rant accusing Ellis and Herron of removing her name from the girl group’s bank account and business LLC, as well as suing her.

The 50-year-old vocalist even used profanity and called her two former group members: “real arrogant b-–-s drunk with power.”

Jones – who left En Vogue in 2001 to spend time with family and returned in 2004 – also revealed that she and Robinson are documenting the the group’s latest fallout for a reality show they are shooting.

Neither Ellis nor Herron has responded to Jones’ accusations.

For a detailed account of what went wrong this time with En Vogue, read: Splitsville: En Vogue Battle In Online Feud

En Vogue: Maxine Jones, Dawn Robinson, Terry Ellis & Cindy Herron

PHOTO: See Maxine Jones’ Twitter messages about Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron posted via @MaxineJonesEV.


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