November 1, 2012

Pure Parody: Jade Novah Nails Beyoncé Knowles

Keyonce & Beyonce Knowles

Newcomer Jade Novah has set the internet abuzz with her hilarious impersonation of superstar Beyoncé Knowles on a spoof video called “Beyonce Impersonation (The Untold Story of Keyonce Bowles).”

On the parody, Novah introduces Knowles’ separated-at-birth twin sister Keyoncé Bowles who is developing a music career of her own.

The Cleveland-bred singer/actor/songwriter acknowledged in the video introduction that she is a “huge fan of Beyoncé” and that her parody wasn’t done to “defame her character,” but done in “good fun.”

Novah, who recently signed a publishing deal with Rondor/Universal Music Publishing, cites Destiny’s Child as one of her musical inspirations and actually was a part of several girl groups herself before pursuing a solo career.

Her writing team, PenUp Dolls, has penned songs for Melanie Fiona, Mya, and Christina Milian, among others.

For more details on Novah, visit her website


VIDEO: Take a look at Jade Novah’s interpretation of Beyonce Knowles.


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