August 14, 2014

Michael Jackson: New Music Video Stars Alvester Martin

Michael Jackson & Alvester Martin

A new music video for the second posthumous single from Michael Jackson has been released.

Epic Records unveiled the video for ‘A Place with No Name’ last night on Twitter, after offering an official sneak peak on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” on Wednesday night.

‘A Place with No Name’ is featured on the late King of Pop’s CD, “Xscape,” which was released in May.

Alvester Martin

The music video features sought-after dancer Alvester Martin as the leading man.

“The reason I even wanted to sing and dance as a kid was because of Michael Jackson,” Martin told  “Seriously, he was and still is my idol! Being apart of that video was more than just being on camera in a video, it was a chance to be apart of Michael’s legacy and greatness.  Simply put, it was a little kid’s dream actually come true!”

Martin, who has toured and/or performed with the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah and Tamar Braxton, is also an aspiring music artist who is set to release his debut album, “Love Me or Leave Me” via Emagine/Universal Music Group later this year.

The ‘A Place with No Name’ video was choreographed by Jackson’s longtime choreographer Travis Payne.  Model/dancer Danielle Acoff stars opposite Martin in the video.

Alvester Martin on the set of ‘A Place with No Name’

VIDEO: Watch the ‘A Place with No Name’ music video below.


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