November 29, 2012

Prince: Releases New Music Video


Music icon Prince has just released a new music video for his latest single, “Rock N’ Roll Love Affair.”

In the video, the 54-year-old Grammy winner abandons his usual coiffed tresses for a natural afro.

The video was created by director Chris Robinson and featured addition contribution from director Sanaa Hamri.

“Rock N’ Roll Love Affair” is also a showcase for Prince’s New Power Generation Band, which being re-launched with some new musicians—he’s also auditioning other talent for the band as well.

“Rock N’ Roll Love Affair” will be featured on Prince’s forthcoming CD on his own label NPG Records. The album title and the exact release date have not been determined.

Prince’s last CD, “20Ten” was released in 2010.


VIDEO: Watch Prince’s “Rock N’ Roll Love Affair” video below.


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