August 21, 2013

Aretha Franklin: Recovering From Mystery Illness

aretha franklin

The “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin is still recovering from an undisclosed illness.

The R&B veteran released a statement updating fans on her ongoing health issue that caused her to cancel several concerts and appearances this summer.

In the latest statement, the 71-year-old vocalist calls her prognosis “absolutely miraculous.”

“My treatments are going very well,” Franklin told the Associated Press. “My last Cat scan, my doctor at the Cat scan and everyone who sees this says that this is miraculous, absolutely miraculous.”

This is the “Aint No Way” and “Respect” singer’s second bout with a secret illness. In 2010, she took time off to deal with a health matter that the tabloids reported was pancreatic cancer. Franklin denied it was cancer and later denied rumors that she had gastric bypass surgery.

Aretha Franklin

The singer has not disclosed the nature of her latest health issue, but did say she’s happy things are progressing nicely.

“I was talking to Smokey Robinson, my oldest best friend Smokey, talking about the fact that some doctors are not very well acquainted with faith healing. And Smokey said, ‘Well, they just don’t know who your healer is,’” she offered.

Franklin admitted she hated having to cancel a string of appearances.

“Any time you have cancellations you should be concerned. But all prayer is good, and keep me in your prayers until I am 100 percent, not 85, and back onstage… The most important thing is my comfort and going at my pace. Nothing is more important than my health,” she explained.

The Detroit-based Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee said that following her recovery, she will also return to the studio to work on a new CD.


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