June 4, 2013

Beverly Johnson: No Longer A Cougar

Beverly Johnson

Supermodel Beverly Johnson has given up her cougar ways.

The 60-year-old beauty spoke to the April/May issue of AARP The Magazine about how despite having previously dated younger men, she’s now dating a man that’s in her age group.

“The intimate feelings you had when you were younger can still be had if you’re interested in love. My partner, Brian Maillian, is about my age; that’s unusual because I usually dated younger men. It’s wonderful to have a companion at the same place in life as me,” she shared.

Johnson, who starred in a reality series on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network in 2012 called, “Beverly’s Full House,” said she’s completely embraced being 60 – despite the fear she had about growing older.

“I don’t know why I thought that at 60 you’re supposedly somewhere in a rocking chair, because my energy level’s like my grandkids’. Three years ago I started a beauty-products business. It’s my purpose for waking up in the morning,” she explained.

Beverly Johnson

The Buffalo, New York-bred talent, the first African-American super model, is an avid golfer. Johnson admits she gets a rush from golf that nothing else can offer her.

“I’m a pretty serious golfer. It’s the only game where you cannot think about anything else but what you’re doing. There’s nothing else in the world that demands that, not even sex! So it’s a total escape,” Johnson said.


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