December 26, 2012

Chad Johnson: Ochocinco Sex Tape Surfaces Online

Chad Johnson 1

Is it art imitating life or an orchestrated strategy to boost his profile? That’s the question being asked about former NFL star Chad Johnson right now.

The athlete formerly known as Ochocinco declared back in August that if he was cut from the Miami Dolphins, he would launch a new career as an adult film star.

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On Christmas Eve, news broke that footage from a sex tape of the running back was being shopped to pornography companies and that clips and still images had been released online.

The video features the 34-year-old flamboyant football star having sex with two different women, one sporting a lot of tattoos.  Johnson confirmed that the video was actually of him, but declared he did not leak it. He acknowledged that it was shot about three years ago in a hotel room in Florida.

Chad Johnson

Images from the tape are making the rounds on the internet, but due to their graphic x-rated nature, has opted not to run the photos.

TMZ is currently reporting that the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant has contacted the FBI to see if they can help determine how the video was leaked. Johnson claims the footage was hacked from his phone and he’s “furious” about the matter.

He has also hired an attorney that specializes in cyber crimes to send online sites and blogs posting the video footage with cease-and-desist letters.


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