February 14, 2013

Faceoff: Chris Brown & Drake Suing Each Other

Drake & Chris Brown

Remember that New York City bar brawl that involved Chris Brown and Drake?

The two entertainers are now going after each other in court over the melee that happened last June at W.i.P. nightclub.

In legal documents filed in New York and obtained by TMZ, both the rapper and singer blame the other for the bottle-throwing chaotic ordeal. They’re both asking the judge to hold the other accountable.

The move is being done because neither entertainer wants to be held responsible to pay damages from the various lawsuits being filed.

Drake & Chris Brown previously reported that Los Angeles Lakers star Tony Parker was injured during the brawl and filed a $20 million lawsuit against the venue.

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A French model named Romain Julien has also filed suit against Brown, Drake and the club for the injuries he claimed to have suffered from the fight that night.

Neither Brown nor Drake’s reps have released statements regarding their respective suits.


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