November 12, 2014

Tasha Talks: Actress Responds To Husband’s Restraining Order

Keith Douglas & Tasha Smith 1

For Better or Worse” star Tasha Smith is embroiled in a nasty breakup with her husband Keith Douglas.

The 43-year-old actress made headlines last week when her husband filed a restraining order against her after accusing her of having booze-fueled rages and threatening to kill him, among other things.

Keith Douglas & Tasha Smith

Despite their relationship taking a turn for the tumultuous, the couple still resides together and the court has ordered that Smith stay two yards away from him while in the home and 100 yards outside their house.

Now Smith is speaking out in court documents of her own.  In the legal papers, Smith said her husband flies into jealous rages, calling her a “f—king d—e” and accusing her of sleeping with women.  “When he’s in a rage, I feel that he is capable of killing me,” Smith claims in the docs.

The “Why Did I Get Married?” star said there are high profile celebrities like Tisha Campbell Martin and Elizabeth Rohm who can attest to Douglas’ abusive nature.

The Camden, New Jersey-bred talent denies the claims made by her husband. He also denies hers.

Keith Douglas & Tasha Smith during happier times


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