November 7, 2014

Marriage Mayhem: Tasha Smith’s Husband Gets Restraining Order Against Her

Tasha Smith & Keith Douglas 1

She’s been married for four years but actress Tasha Smith may be living out her film role, “Why Did I Get Married?” in real life.

According to legal documents first obtained by TMZ, Smith’s husband, talent manager Keith Douglas got a restraining order against her after accusing her of having booze-fueled rages and threatening to kill him.

Tasha Smith & Keith Douglas

The 43-year-old actress and her hubby have been having problems but still reside together. The court order requires that she stay two yards away from him while in the home and 100 yards outside their house.

Douglas has accused Smith of threatening him in front of his kids—they don’t have any together—and warning him to “not fall asleep or something will happen.”  Additionally, Douglas claims she threatened to find people who would hurt him.

The judge decided not to make the star of Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” leave her home, but the couple will go to court for a full hearing soon.

Smith’s rep has not commented on the matter, but friends of the actress call Douglas’ claims “ridiculous.”

Full Disclosure: I know Tasha Smith personally and welcome her comment on this situation, as I believe there is more to this story.

Tasha Smith & husband, Keith Douglas


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