October 4, 2012

Rumor Control: 90’s Boy Band Singer Not Dead

Joe Little

News surfaced online this week that Joe Little III, a member of the 1990’s R&B group The Rude Boys had died.

A flagrant gossip blog erroneously reported Little’s death and the report spread like wild fire.

The report read: “Grammy, Billboard award winning singer and music producer Joe Little of the Rude Boys group – most known for song ‘Written All Over Your Face’ died yesterday. The 44 years old Cleveland, Ohio native was admitted in Piedmont Henry Hospital in Mcdonough, Georgia early Tuesday morning complaining of severe cramps. He later passed on unexpectedly.”

The Cleveland-bred singer took to his Facebook page to clear up the death report himself.

“I am not dead,” his message began. “I am at home in Atlanta resting.”

Little acknowledged he did go to hospital because he was battling dehydration, but he had not actually died.  “The Lord has much more for me to do,” he stated.

The Rude Boys released three CD’s, 1990’s “Rude Awakening,” 1992’s “Rude House” and 1997’s “Rude as Ever.”

Best known for hits like “Are You Lonely for Me,” “My Kinda Girl” and “Written All Over Your Face,” the Billboard Award-winning group were protégés of the late Gerald Levert.

Recent photo of The Rude Boys

VIDEO: Watch the music video for The Rude Boys biggest hit, “Written All Over Your Face.”


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