February 15, 2016

Prince Protégé Vanity: Dead At 57

Vanity 1

Singer Vanity has died. The Prince protégé and lead singer of the 1980’s girl group Vanity 6 was 57-years-old.

Vanity, whose real name was Denise Katrina Matthews, passed after battling sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis—an inflammation of the small intestines. The singer died at a hospital in Fremont, Calif.

A photo of Vanity in the Vanity 6 era

A photo of Vanity in the Vanity 6 era

A friend of the singer contacted earlier today to reveal she succumbed to her illness.

This weekend, Vanity expressed to her church congregation that she was tired of battling her sickness and was “ready to go home” to God!

Blame it on Vanity

Denise Matthews’ memoir “Blame it on Vanity”

In the early 1990’s after a drug overdose, Vanity became a born again Christian and committed her life to evangelizing about the goodness of Jesus.

The former model also received work as an actress, appearing in films like “The Last Dragon” and “Action Jackson,” as well as TV shows like “Miami Vice” and “Friday the 13th: The Series.”

A former Playboy cover model, she released a memoir in 2004 called “Blame It On Vanity: Hollywood, Hell & Heaven.”

VIDEO: Watch this video of Vanity talking about God’s healing during a TV appearance.

VIDEO: Watch this video of Vanity performing the hit song “Nasty Girl” with her hit group

Vanity 6.


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