December 14, 2012

Flying High: Usher Goes Skydiving In Dubai

Usher Raymond skydiving

We are used to seeing recording artists jet-setting in airplanes from city to city for concerts and appearances, but rarely do you see one jumping out of a plane.

Pop star Usher Raymond IV decided to live out his new single, “Dive” and actually dove from a plane to earth. The Atlanta-based singer went on a skydiving excursion during a recent trip to Dubai, where he was to perform at the closing ceremonies of the World Parachuting Championships.

The singer sent a message via Twitter while boarding the aircraft that read: “Yep…I’m doin it!! Skydiving…Here we go!!”

Sporting just a black t-shirt—surprisingly since it’s apparently really cold up there—and red sneakers, Usher posted a collage of images on his Instagram page showcasing his great adventure.

No worries, Usher was accompanied on his thrill-seeking skydiving voyage by a professional jumper. 


PHOTOS: Check out images from Usher’s thrill-seeking voyage through the sky below.


  1. Harry Bravo

    The shots were great. He really seemed to enjoy himself rather than being afraid of the jump. He’s a very cool guy.

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