January 14, 2015

Radio Ro: Rolonda Watts Joins CBS Family

Rolonda Watts

Voiceover goddess and TV show host Rolonda Watts has landed a new deal for her “Sundays with Rolonda” radio show.

Watts has partnered with CBS to house “Sundays with Rolonda” on their podcast network Play.It.

Rolonda Watts

“I’m absolutely thrilled and humbled that such a tremendous network as CBS would ask to partner with the Rolonda brand in the digital talk show arena. Now, as one of the hosts on CBS’s new Play.It podcast network, listeners will be able to enjoy ‘Sundays with Rolonda’ whenever, wherever, and however they want – any time of the day – any day of the week. Whether on their smart phone or computer, my listeners get Rolonda on demand, along with my plethora of interesting, inspiring, and informative guests, sharing valuable and relative information to help us all better our lives from the bedroom to the boardroom! We also believe the CBS and Rolonda brands together offer great advertising potential,” she told

“Sundays with Rolonda” launched in 2012 following the death of Whitney Houston. “I was inspired by the need to talk and heal with my followers after her death,” Watts explained. “It started as a hobby as a little BlogTalkRadio show that I do in my pajamas and no lashes. I had no idea CBS was listening!”

On its new home at CBS’s Play.It, listeners can find the show here:

In 2013, Watts joined Tavis Smiley’s new Tavis Smiley Network of radio shows through BlogTalkRadio.  She previously hosted an afternoon radio show on terrestrial radio for the nationally syndicated women’s network, GreenStone Media.

In addition to hosting the radio show,  Watts is currently the voice of the daytime series “Divorce Court” and can heard in commercials for brands like Boeing, Wells Fargo Bank, Wendy’s and Southwest Airlines.

The Winston-Salem, North Carolina native also appeared as a character in Tyler Perry’s first animated film, “Madea’s Tough Love.”

Rolonda Watts


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