September 13, 2016

Back In Stride: Yolanda Adams’ Morning Show Returning To Radio


After a brief hiatus following Radio One ending its nine-year run, “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” is returning to radio this October.

Yolanda Adams’ show will air on Houston’s Amazing 102.5 FM with hopes of returning to national syndication in 2017. (There’s buzz iHeart Media, which also syndicates “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” has interest in taking the show national.)  Amazing 102.5 FM has capability for online listening so viewers in other cities can listen across the country.

The Grammy-winning Gospel superstar told AlwaysAList.com that she’s happy that she and co-hosts, comedian Marcus D. Wiley and minister Anthony “A.V.” Valary will be back on air.

yolanda-adams-logo“We are so excited that our voices will be heard again to impact the world at such a time in history. Our voices impact peoples’ hearts to invoke awareness, encouragement and change,” she told us.

Adams has been overwhelmed by the support and outcry from her loyal fans that were not happy to that her morning show was replaced by Radio One and she wants her loyal listeners to know she appreciates the feedback.

Yolanda Adams

Yolanda Adams

“We are honored and humbled for all the support and love. We promise to give it back in great measure,” she told AlwaysAList.com.

On April 22, AlwaysAList.com was the first to break the news that Adams’ morning radio program had been canceled by Radio One.

On April 25, it was announced that Radio One was replacing the show with “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell,” a show hosted by Grammy winner Erica Campbell.

The new show hosted by the Mary Mary singer is co-hosted by comedian Griff and has been received with mixed reviews from listeners. Regardless, Radio One is committed to making Campbell’s morning show a success.

Marcus D. Wiley, Yolanda Adams, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary & A.V.

Marcus D. Wiley, Yolanda Adams, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary & A.V.



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