March 3, 2015

Road Trip: Tyler Perry Takes Madea On The Road


Tyler Perry is returning to the genre that first made him successful – touring plays.

The Hollywood mogul is gearing up to hit the road in a new play called “Madea On The Run.”

Perry’s new production is only slated for a six week limited run initially. The theatrical tour will kick off in Columbus, OH and play dates in Louisville, KY; Detroit, MI; Columbia, SC; Augusta, GA; Chicago, IL; Memphis, TN; Spartanburg, SC; Fayetteville, NC and Baltimore, MD.

While the 45-year-old filmmaker has resumed his character onstage in recent plays like “Madea’s Neighbors from Hell” and “A Madea Christmas,” those shows were done as one-off engagements in Atlanta and filmed just for DVD. Perry hasn’t toured with one of his theatrical productions as Madea since 2010’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family” was on the road.

In the past, Perry has launched new plays to test out the concept with audiences before adapting the story into a feature film. No word on if that’s the mission behind this new play.

Tyler Perry as Madea


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