January 14, 2015

One On One: Bobby Brown Breaks Silence After “Whitney” Movie Premiere

Bobby Brown & Shaun Robinson

Whitney Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown will be the subject of a Lifetime special called “Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney” after the premiere of the biopic “Whitney” on Saturday, Jan. 17.

The film “Whitney” captures the five-year love story of Houston and Brown and debunks a lot of the media perception of the man Houston called “The King of R&B.”

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

The 45-year-old member of New Edition sits down in an exclusive interview with “Access Hollywood” anchor Shaun Robinson and reflects on his years with Houston and what that relationship meant to him.

“Years after their breakup, fans are still obsessed with the relationship Whitney had with Bobby. After watching this interview, I believe people will see a more mature, introspective Bobby Brown and see his years with Whitney much differently than how the media has portrayed it,” Robinson told about her Brown exclusive.

As mentioned in’s review of “Whitney,” (READ: Review: Whitney Houston’s Love Story Depicted In Lifetime Movie) the Angela Bassett-directed film showcases the emotional roller coaster that was the romance of Houston and Brown. After watching this film, most viewers will walk away with a more respect for the Boston-bred bad boy and have a deeper compassion for him.

The greatest thing the film does is eradicate the erroneous notion that Brown introduced his late wife to drugs.  As folks will see when the film premieres, it was actually the singer’s own brother Michael Houston who facilitated her habit that began long before she met Brown.

“Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney” airs at 10pm ET immediately following “Whitney.”

Shaun Robinson & Bobby Brown

Shaun Robinson & Bobby Brown

Shaun Robinson & Bobby Brown


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