March 5, 2014

Columbus Short: “Scandal” Star Sings Live On “Arsenio Hall Show”

Columbus Short 1

Did you know “Scandal” star Columbus Short was also an aspiring singer?

The 31-year-old actor recently appeared on the “Arsenio Hall Show” to promote “Scandal” and ended up singing live on television. During the interview, Short told Hall that his late night show needed a theme song with lyrics to sing along to like sitcoms once had.

Hall offered Short a live microphone and the actor performed an impromptu number.

“Am I the world’s best singer? No!” – said Columbus Short. was not surprised by the Kansas City, Missouri-bred talent’s passion for music.

Short, a former dancer who toured with Britney Spears, did an exclusive interview for my former “BV Buzz” column for AOL Black Voices in June 2009 where he revealed he wanted to record a full-length CD.

“Am I the world’s best singer? No! But is my music going to feel good? Yes! And that’s why I do it to make ‘em feel good,” Short told me then, for “BV Buzz.”

You can judge Short’s voice for yourself in the clip below of his appearance on the “Arsenio Hall Show.”

Additionally, watch a performance video of the twice-married, father of two from a dance rehearsal he had for two of his songs back in 2009 as well.

Columbus Short performing on “Arsenio Hall Show”

VIDEO: Watch Columbus Short sing live on the “Arsenio Hall Show.”

VIDEO: See Columbus Short perform a dance routine to his own recorded music.



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