March 13, 2013

Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston: Dr. Robin Shares What Really Killed Them

MJ Robin & WH

New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker and licensed psychologist Dr. Robin Smith was a fixture on the nationally syndicated “Oprah” show and then abruptly disappeared.

A go-to expert on the talk show – she appeared on the show 35 times – Dr. Robin, as she was affectionately known, appeared with Oprah Winfrey for the first time in four years on “Super Soul Sunday” on OWN.

Dr. Robin

During the interview to promote her new book, “Hungry: The Truth About Being Full,” Dr. Robin shared how she lost her way after a series of personal setbacks that she describes as “emotional anorexia.”

During the candid interview, Dr. Robin discussed the deaths of music icons Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and what she believes really killed them, a condition she describes as “hungry for the high note.”

“I talk about Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and there their early deaths and people say that drugs killed them. Drugs didn’t kill them. What killed them was that they were striving, and hungry—they were starving to hit the high note again,” she explained. “Whitney said right before she died to Clive Davis, ‘I’m going to hit that note again.’ We all know that note was gone.”

“Michael was killing himself, up all night,” she continued, “because he was going to dance. He was going to top ‘Thriller.’ He was lost, really lost!”

You can watch the entire interview with Dr. Robin Smith and Oprah Winfrey on demand at OWN’s website:

Dr. Robin Smith & Oprah



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