July 11, 2013

Richelle Carey: Former HLN Anchor Joins Al Jazeera America

Richelle Carey

On June 18, reported the popular HLN anchor Richelle Carey had left the CNN sister channel.

On Thursday, Al Jazeera America announced that Carey was one the first four new anchors hired by the channel.

Carey will join other Al Jazeera America anchors Del Walters, Jonathan Betz and Morgan Fogarty to present live new throughout the day from the Al Jazeera America studio in New York City.

Carey is the only national anchor out of the four, with Walters having worked as an anchor at Washington, DC’s ABC affiliate; Betz working as a field reporter and fill-in anchor at an ABC affiliate in Dallas; and Fogarty having been the main evening anchor at the CW affiliate in Charlotte.

Del Walters

Back in January, Al Jazeera coughed up a reported $500 million to buy Al Gore’s little-watched Current TV and replace it with Al Jazeera America, which is scheduled to launch next month. Al Jazeera America is funded by the government of Qatar.

  1. lilkunta

    good for richelle. and good for our local man Del Walters. He left DC’s ABC a while ago. He was working for WTOP.

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