June 18, 2013

Anchor Out: Richelle Carey Leaves HLN

Richelle Carey 1

Emmy-winning journalist Richelle Carey has left CNN’s sister channel HLN.

Carey anchored HLN’s “News Now” show weekdays from 3-4pm ET and also hosted a weekly segment called “What Matters.” The latter feature put the spotlight top issues and concerns facing the African-American community.

A network rep for HLN confirmed her departure.

“I am VERY happy with the changes in my career. I so appreciate your kind words. Don’t make assumptions about what you read. It’s all good:)” wrote Carey posted on her Twitter page.

In a series of Instagram photos, she revealed that she was giving her car because she does not “need my car where I’m going.”

In another photo, Carey posted an image of a dessert that had the message “N.Y. Baby!” written on the plate.

Carey joined HLN in 2006 and was based in the Atlanta market.

Prior to joining the HLN, the popular HLN anchor was a morning news host in markets like St. Louis, Las Vegas and Tyler, Texas.

Richelle Carey

  1. Ernest Marshall

    We would love to have you Richelle Carey here in NYC.

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