April 18, 2013

Robin Roberts: Bouncing Back From Health Setback

Robin Roberts

“Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts plans to return to her top-rated ABC morning show next week after suffering a health setback while on vacation in Florida.

The 52-year-old anchor returned to “GMA” after extended medical leave in February, six months after her bone marrow transplant to combat myelodysplastic syndrome.

Roberts revealed news of her latest medical challenge on Facebook on Thursday.

“Last week, in the middle of my Key West vacation, I began not to feel well. Nothing serious, just under the weather. I contacted my doctors and flew back to NYC. They felt it best to admit me into the hospital for a few days,” Roberts wrote in her post.

“Seems my young immune system needed a little boost to fight off ‘opportunistic infections.’ My doctors assured me that this was NOT because I was working or doing too much, too soon. It’s extremely common, post bone marrow transplant, to have complications. I’m blessed that mine have not been severe. I’m feeling MUCH better, and will relax at home for the rest of the week. I’ll be back on GMA next week…as my sweet momma would say: ‘Good Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise!'”

ABC has chronicled Roberts’ journey, which included a bone marrow transplant from her sister and isolation to rebuild an immune system ravaged by the treatment. Her “GMA” co-host George Stephanopoulos, and show contributors Josh Elliott, Sam Champion and Lara Spencer, regularly offered updates and progress reports on Robert’s condition.

“GMA” beat the NBC’s “Today” in the morning show wars for the first time in 16 years a year ago in April 2012. The show has dominated the morning news battle ever since.

“Good Morning America” hosts and contributors


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