March 4, 2013

Tamron Hall: Is MSNBC Anchor Headed To CNN?

Tamron Hall

In the latest installment of the media version of musical chairs, the NY Post is reporting that CNN’s new president, Jeff Zucker is looking to poach MSNBC’s Tamron Hall as a part of his network revamp.

The 42-year-old news anchor currently hosts “NewsNation” from 2-3pm ET on MSNBC.

“She was one of Jeff’s bright young things at NBC when he was at the network,” said a source.

Hall, who regularly fills in on the “Today” show, is reportedly being considered to co-host CNN’s new morning show opposite Chris Cuomo. It was announced that former “20/20” anchor Cuomo was leaving ABC to join CNN earlier this year.

Previous reports claimed that CNN’s Erin Burnett was the front-runner for the spot, however the Post claims that Burnett is not interested in giving up her prime-time show for a morning schedule.

Other names being tossed around for the new morning show also include CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux and Brooke Baldwin.

CNN has not commented on the story.

Tamron Hall


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