August 15, 2012

Male Models: Come On Down To “The Price Is Right”

Snoop Dogg on "The Price Is Right"

TV’s longest-running game show in history, “The Price Is Right” is casting male models for the first time in history.

The CBS series, which began in 1956, is seeking one male model to join female models Amber Lancaster, Gwendolyn Osborne, Manuela Arbelaez and Rachel Reynolds.

“The Price Is Right” models were known as Barker Beauties from 1972 to 2007 when the show was hosted by Bob Barker.

When comedian Drew Carey took over the show in 2007, he opted to just call the models by their real names.  When the ladies make appearances, they’re billed as “The Price Is Right” Models.

Drew Carey & “The Price Is Right” Models

The casting process for the male model will also air as a web series.

Interested models are invited to attend an open call in Los Angeles on Aug. 30 where they’ll be interviewed by show producers and the four female models.

The audition will consist of candidates demonstrating verbal skills, as well as the ability to pose and “properly showcase a product.”

Six finalists will be announced on “The Price Is Right” on Sept. 28.  The partnering five-episode web series will also launch that day on and

Television viewers will be able to vote for their favorite contestant up until Oct. 4.  The winner will land a one-week gig on “The Price Is Right” starting on Oct. 15.

For official rules and eligibility requirements, go to

“The Bold and the Beautiful’s” Texas Battle & Kristolun Lloyd with Drew Carey


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