August 22, 2012

Soul Saving: Cast of “The Soul Man” Rebuilding Audience After Huge Ratings Drop

"The Soul Man" cast: Wesley Jonathan, Niecy Nash, Cedric the Entertainer, Jazz Raycole & John Beasley

The Soul Man” starring Cedric The Entertainer & Niecy Nash premiered on June 20, 2012 and the show scored a network milestone for TV Land, becoming the second highest rated series premiere among its target audience next to only to the series launch of “Hot In Cleveland.”

Despite its outstanding debut, “The Soul Man” suffered from the Viacom blackout during its parent company’s dispute with satellite network DirecTV.

Though its premiere numbers garnered a whopping 1.92 million viewers, the nine-day DirecTV outage saw “The Soul Man” take a staggering dip to 810,000 viewers.

Since the DirecTV/Viacom fallout has been resolved, “The Soul Man” has seen an increase in viewers. Last week the show had 1.03 million viewers, 1.027 million the week before and 951,000 the prior week.

Though the numbers may be on the upswing, the cast of “The Soul Man” isn’t taking any chances of the audience returning on its own and have been taking a grass roots approach to promoting the show mid-season.

Stars of the series have been attending mega churches to promote the sitcom, in addition to hosting screenings of upcoming episodes for local congregations.

TV Land has not decided whether “The Soul Man” will be renewed for a second season as of yet.

PHOTOS: Check out members of “The Soul Man” cast promoting the show at California churches.


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