June 26, 2013

T.J. Holmes: Anchoring Trayvon Martin Trial Coverage For HLN

TJ Holmes

Popular news anchor and TV host T.J. Holmes has landed a new gig following his departure from BET at the end of last year.

The former host of BET’s short-lived late night show “Don’t Sleep” began anchoring HLN’s court coverage of the Trayvon Martin case this week. Holmes will oversee the trial against George Zimmerman from 10am to noon ET daily.

An HLN rep confirmed that the 35-year-old news man has returned to the network on a freelance basis only.

HLN is the sister network to CNN, where Holmes previously worked as a weekend anchor of the morning show. He departed CNN in 2011.

George Zimmerman

In addition to anchoring HLN’s trial coverage of the Zimmerman court case, Holmes has been giving play-by-play of the court room on his Twitter page via @TJHolmes.

  1. Sid Weinstein

    Please get this question to TJ ASAP, If Zimmerman was told to stand down by the police and he still left his car to follow Travon Martin, did he ever identify himself as a security officer or policeman and if not he became the storker as Travon had to be afraid of someone following him and at this point he became the storkee not the storker. George Zimmerman can’t claim that he was the attacked as he was the aggressor beyond any reasonable doubt, he is guilty of murder.

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