January 9, 2013

Viral Videos: “One-Pound Fish” Hit, Instagram Remixed & The Child Sportscaster

Jawn HLN

I appeared on HLN’s “News Now” recently to talk about some of the latest viral videos.

Hear my take on some of the internet’s hottest video offerings, from the three-year-old girl offering sports commentary to the Nickelback song remixed about the social media platform Instagram.

We also talk about the newest web sensation, Muhammad Nazir. The East London market owner recorded a music video-themed commercial in a “Gangnam Style” parody to separate his store from other stores in his area. Now Nazir has a hit song and video for his song “One-Pound Fish” that garnering him international status.


Watch these video and hear my commentary about them on HLN’s “New Now” below:


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