Daily Archives: December 3, 2012


Chris Brown: Cell Phone Trouble & Twitter Update

Good news for Chris Brown. The 24-year-old entertainer will not face charges in the Miami incident where a woman claimed he snatched her cell phone after she tried to take a photo of him outside of a nightclub. The Miami-Dade ...

Changing Faces: Tia Mowry Gets A New Man

Looks like there’s been a switch-a-roo on the Nick at Nite family comedy pilot “Instant Mom.” AlwaysAList.com previously reported on Nov. 28. 2012 that former “All of Us” star Duane Martin had been cast to play Tia Mowry’s husband on ...

Million Dollar Mess: Ryan Leslie’s Laptop Saga

Ever heard the saying: “don’t let your mouth write a check your body can’t cash?” Well singer/producer Ryan Leslie is living a variation of that. Back in 2010, the 34-year-old entertainer’s laptop and an external hard drive were stolen from ...