Daily Archives: December 17, 2013


Fresh Voices: New Singers Added To Both “R&B Divas” Casts

The “R&B Divas” franchise has finalized its new cast members for both its Atlanta and Los Angeles ensembles. Now that Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert and LaTocha Scott are no longer on the Atlanta cast, former 702 lead singer Meelah Williams ...

Richard Pryor: Confessions Of Gay Sex

Comedy legend Richard Pryor lived a colorful life. The late funnyman was married seven times – he married two of the same women twice – but confessed in his autobiography, “Pryor Convictions” that he once had a two-week love affair ...

Beyoncé: Target Won’t Carry New Music

Superstar Beyoncé may have a record-breaking hit on her hands with her unannounced self-titled release last Friday at midnight, but one major retails is opting not to sell the CD. Target has decided it will not offer the ” Beyoncé” ...