Digital Dish: Misster Ray Takes On SWV & The Braxtons

Social media socialite Misster Ray (real name: Ray Cunningham) has become the face of WeTV online.

The former star of the BET reality series “College Hill” has been named WeTV’s Digital Correspondent after a successful run recapping the 12 episodes of season three of “LA Hair.”

“I’m excited to be WeTV’s digital correspondent because now my social media followers can put a voice to the tweets. Anyone can be a keyboard comedian but it takes personality and confidence to be talking to yourself out loud on camera not knowing if people will get the punch line of your jokes,” he told

Misster Ray on set at WeTV

On August 14, Misster Ray returns with his over-the-top commentaries and synopsizes on WeTV’s hit series “Braxton Family Values” and “SWV: Reunited.”

“This new digital platform that WeTV has given me has connected me to my childhood idols SWV and Toni Braxton, so this is business and pleasure,” he beamed.

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The Washington, DC-based talent teased that the new summer season of both franchises are “hot” and fans will definitely be tuned in.

“I’ve seen a couple of the episodes already of both shows and there are some sensitive subject matters there,” he shared.  “So when I do my commentary, I have to keep it real!”

Misster Ray

About “Braxton Family Values,” Misster Ray said things are intense with Tamar Braxton and he’ll definitely have an opinion on what’s going on with her. “I don’t want any Tamartians or folks’ managers coming after me,” he laughed, before adding: “I’d still spend the day with Tamar for happy hour though!”

Misster Ray confessed he “wants to go shopping with SWV’s lead singer Coko Clemons,” but right now his favorites from each franchise are Traci Braxton (“Braxton Family Values”) and LeLee Lyons (“SWV: Reunited”).

“I think people honestly enjoy my commentary because I’m unbiased and hilariously unfiltered. I typically say what everyone is thinking,” he concluded.

Catch Misster Ray starting on Aug. 14 on

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