Throwback Thursday: Interview With “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” Star Stevie J

Music producer Stevie J is generating a lot of buzz for his philandering ways and controversial antics on VH1’s lowbrow reality series “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” I interviewed Stevie J (real name: Steven Jordan) back in July 2002 and even then I found him to be outrageously candid and hilariously funny.

Our interview took place on the phone – though we would later meet in person and hang out occasionally in Los Angeles – and the former Bad Boy Entertainment beatmaker was pulled no punches when I asked him personal questions about his rumored financial problems; his high-profile relationship with rapper Eve; and his professional split from Sean “Diddy” Combs – whom I believe was still calling himself “Puffy” then.

Despite all the bravado and flamboyant antics he displays on reality television, most would be surprised to know that Stevie J is a singer, songwriter, producer, and plays multiple instruments. We discussed all of that – plus the 41-year-old star’s business relationship with Jackie Jackson of The Jackson Five – in my July 23, 2002 “Jawn’s Juice” column for EURweb.com.

Below are the highlights from the interview and I promise; they’re just as juicy today as they were back then!

Stevie J (Twitter)

You’re working with Jackie Jackson of The Jackson Five? Tell me about that.

Yeah, I’m a partner in [his] company Jesco. He’s also my manager as well. [My company is] Danger Zone! I got, like, eight artists right now. I have rock, I have pop, I have hip-hop, and some new s–t, ghetto metal. I got so much stuff. I got this 17-year old girl that’s interesting and she’s a white girl that sounds like a little Mariah Carey. I got Mr. Deals, that’s Jackie Jackson’s son.

Whatever happened with your solo album that was scheduled to drop on Loud Records?

I just decided it wasn’t time for my album to come out. Me and Steve Rifkind [president of Loud Records are] on good terms so we did some good business and let it be.

Why did you and Puffy part ways?

I wouldn’t say we parted ways. I was growing up. You get a big brother and they don’t want to see the little brother beat them in basketball, it’s like that. But at the same time, I did a lot of work for the guy. I think I am 50% responsible for where [Bad Boy Entertainment] is at right now, as far as on the map, as far music goes, and I am not going to take that away from me. But at the same time the guy is a smart guy, he’s a genius, and I am sure one day soon that we’ll be coming back into touch with each other.

Did you get all of the production credits for the work you did for him?

I got all my credit! I got mine! I had to take my own responsibility for me. I think I rode it long enough.

Are the reports true that you recently had to file for bankruptcy?

Yeah, it is.

Did Eve really have to come to court for your bankruptcy hearing to give back a bracelet you gave her?

What happened with the bracelet is, I let her hold it. It was like a $120,000 bracelet and she got robbed for the joint. I feel as though since I have to put a couple of companies under, either you going to give me that or you going to give me something. I damn near raised her in the game, show me some type of f–ing homage, excuse my French.

Eve & Stevie J

What do you mean by, “you let her hold it?”

Kind of letting her hold it was like when I expect to see it, I want to see it. I paid for ‘em, let me rock ‘em.

What caused you and Eve to breakup?

Why [did] we break up? I don’t know, man. We still friends and all that if you want to call it that.

Well I heard two rumors as to why you all broke up. How about you give me your take on both of them?

(Laughing to people in the background) This guy is funny! Holla! Go head Jawn, I’m f–ing with you.

The first one was that you were tired of catching her messing around with other females. Any truth to that?

This is me; I ain’t got no problem if a honey want to mess with another honey. That‘s not a problem with me as long as I‘m there! To my knowledge, it wasn’t even like that. It was just like, what’s next, and we hadn’t moved to the next level yet.

You two did move in together, right?

She moved into my high-rise in Manhattan.

The second rumor was that she couldn’t handle your ongoing baby-momma drama. How true is that?

(In a preacher-like singing voice) Oh, they was going to go to war! Yo, my thing is like this. I’m going to ask you a question. You dating a chick and you in the music business and all, you see wild honeys on the daily, don’t be insecure. If you dating a chick would you call her ex-boyfriend and be, like, ‘come through, let me holla at you?’ Naw, we don’t that!

Is that what Eve did?

That’s what she used to do. That’s what she did. I was like, it’s cool, it’s alright, she’s a nice girl and all. I think I made it a lot easier for her. The next time she falls in love with a guy, she’ll know what she’s looking for.

Do you and your child’s mother still have a good relationship?

That’s going to be forever, kid!

Stevie J & Alex Martin

I hear that you are dating Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter Alex?

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! (He breaks out singing the Kelly Price song:) “She’s just a friend of mine!” (Laughing) Hey man, it’s a lot of rumors about the money, it’s a lot of rumors about the honeys I slayed, it’s a lot of rumors about the dates Puff didn’t make.

So you are telling me that you and Whoopi’s daughter Alex are just friends?


Sounds like a special friend to me!

Naw, that’s my dog. That’s like one of the guys.

There was a rumor that you really sang the vocals on Mr. Dalvin’s (of Jodeci) solo album and he just fronted it.

Come on, I can sing man! I sung a couple of background parts for the guy. He’s my guy, he can hold it down on his own, [and] I got to hold it down for my own. That’s what the Danger Zone going to do.

You like showing off your body – from the underwear photo shoot in Vibe magazine to showing your pubic hair in a photo in One World magazine. Would you consider posing for Playgirl?

Stevie J

Yeah, if the check is right! I’d slide up and give ‘em something if the check is good and all of that. I think me and Hugh Hefner would work out fine. Me and Hugh could make some good paper together.


Stevie J was in fact dating Goldberg’s daughter, Alexandria Martin. I broke the news in January 2008 for my “BV Buzz” column at AOL Black Voices that the couple had gotten engaged after dating on and off for nearly six years.

They pair eventually broke up and Martin remarried her first husband, Bernard Dean, in November 2011. Unfortunately, several media outlets misreported that she and Stevie J had wed instead.


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